Only Despair

This is dedicated to kids, who were taken to foster care against their will.

What do the kids know about planned parenthood a social services?

“Good day, my name is Markku Piippo better known as 3481/13-01115/13/KO/6131.  In the journey people call life the days are passing quickly before me, filled with truths untold, dreams unheard and goals unknown.  Sitting in my room I gaze out the window watching the freedom of the wind blowing the seagulls gracefully in flight. Daydreaming I wonder what it would be like to have this type of life, a life of total freedom.  I've often thought of catching a baby seagull to raise it and watch it grow, to be able to share in the freedoms that it has been given by God.  Watching the baby seagull with its mother tenderly loving it every step of the way, my heart deepens as the tears of longing fall hopelessly only to be soaked up by an empty pillow that I hold tightly.  It makes me realize that there is no better place for the baby seagull to be, then in the loving care of its mother”  

“My name is Markku Piippo better known as 3481/13-01115/13/KO/6131. Can you please find it in your heart to help me get back home to the love and tenderness of my mother?”

“Hello and good day my name is Markku Piippo better known as 3481/13-01115/13/KO/6131.  Day after day I lay wondering as I watch a mother seagull as she raises her chicks. Musing I ponder what she would be like, how hard would she fight, how mad and how bitter would it make her if I were to take one of her chicks?  Would she just let me take one of her chick’s right in front of her? Would she just open her wings with love and say here son it's ok you can have one?  How much power and control would I need to possess in order to accomplish this feat?  Would she have to be made to fear me? Do you think she would feel backed in the corner and come out fighting, rebelling against the absolute power and authority I have over her? or Would she just step back and let me take one of her chicks without putting up a fight?  Would she learn to fear and become submissive to my absolute power, control and authority?”

“My name is Markku Piippo better known as 3481/13-01115/13/KO/6131.  One of a number taken from his own mother and imprisoned by false claims of uncertainty from those allowed to wield and exercise absolute power and authority. Unlike those wielding absolute power and authority, my mother tries to comfort me but I now know and understand how my mother truly feels.  I thank God that He is the one who fills my heart with joy as I am just one of a number filled with ambition, determination great hopes and dreams to be loved, taught and raised only by his own mother.  One of a number thriving, daydreaming everyday because true freedom to live with and be loved by my own mother is only in my dreams.”  - Markku Piippo’s thoughts age 11


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